TIM Thermal Copier/Printer by 3K Instruments - Black

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The new version of the thermal copier from 3K Instruments has improved electronics and a stylish, compact design. Known as “TIM”, this next generation of thermal copiers from 3K Instruments is smaller, better, and more innovative. Replacing the ever-popular A4 copier, a staple in tattoo shops for over 15 years, TIM uses thermal imaging heat from an infrared lamp to transfer your stencil design to thermal stencil paper. Two LEDs in red and green indicate the different states of the device. The device is equipped with two mutually controlling relays for the lamp switching. An additional temperature sensor controls the lamp and the cooling phases.

Quick Overview:

  • 25% less energy consumption (approximately)
  • Shorter cooling times and sensor controlled cooling phases
  • Easy-clean roller and reflector
    • Crisp clear stencils within a few seconds
    • Compatible with all styles of stencil-papers
    • Infrared-technology
    • Improved power-consumption: approx. 1000W
    • Sensor controlled cooling = 30% less downtime
    • Easier to clean silicone-surface drive roller
    • Dimensions: 16.5” (W) x 4” (H) x 7” (D)
    • Weight: 13lbs ( 6 kg)
    • Voltage: 115 & 230 V AC, CE
    • European CE Certified

    Case Discount Available