What is the minimum order amount required to qualify for Volume Sales with Wholesale Offers?

The minimum purchase amount is $3,000 per order OR $10,000 per year to qualify as a wholesale/reseller account and be able to obtain wholesale pricing and discounts.

What type of merchandise can be purchased at Wholesale Pricing or at Volume Sales?

There is an expanded selection of products, from a collection of different brands, that are available on this website and in our catalog to order from; most of which is eligible for our Wholesale Program if purchased in quantity sizes: a pallet, truckload quantities or by cases.

Is the Bulk Volume Sales open to all dealers?

Yes, our wholesale service is available to all interested businesses and dealers.

Are there any products that may not be eligible for purchase or are restricted from Wholesale Pricing through the Volume Sales Program?

All products available through Volume Sales are subject to individual distribution and licensing agreements. These terms and conditions are subject to change, and may prevent certain brands and/or products from qualifying for volume sales or purchasing. Please inquire more information about specific products with your Wholesale Representative when purchasing or contact us directly via email or telephone.

What types of discounts should I expect on my wholesale purchase?

When your Wholesale Account is approved and active, you will see the volume sales discounts on your order. There are several tiers that provide different levels of discounts and pricing structures. For more information, please contact us directly.

What is the best way to maximize the savings on Volume Sales purchases?

The more efficiently we can process a large order (e.g. a wholesale order), the greater the savings will be for you. For wholesale orders, items are generally sold by the pallet or by the truckload. Other merchandise may also require minimum order thresholds. In other words, the more you buy (for example, buying by the pallet of cases), the more you will sale.

How do I place a Volume Sales order?

Please email us at [admin@camsupply.com] your request for a quotation along with a list of desired products sold by CAM Supply that you wish to purchase in bulk. Make sure to include in the email: the quantity of each item, the item number(s), and your contact information.

How will I know if my order was received?

Usually, your request for a Volume Sales order will be reviewed immediately by our Wholesale Department. A supervisor may or may not request additional details regarding certifications/business licenses and legal documents (if necessary). Afterwards, your request should be approved and a Wholesale Account will be set up for you. In all cases, you should receive a response within 24 hours from our team advising that your order has been received with further details.

What is the Return Policy regarding Volume Sales orders?

Returns do NOT apply to Volume Sales orders, except in the case of manufacturer defects or damages. Should this occur, please refuse the damaged units at check in and contact our customer service representatives or your delegated Wholesale Representative for assistance. All damages must be documented and submitted with photographic proof to our Wholesale Department via email within 72 hours of the order arriving at your facility.

Tax Exemption:

CAM Supply Inc. - Businesses holding the required sales tax exemption documentation should inquire prior to placing their Volume Sales order. At this time, we regret to inform you that the website is unable to electronically facilitate this process. Therefore, please inquire with your Wholesale Representative or call in when purchasing so we can process the tax exemption manually.

Is there a department at CAM that handles exports?

Yes, please email the request/details to admin@camsupply.com

Outside of Volume Sales orders, is there a general customer service email?

If you are in need of any further assistance regarding your order, such as a missing item or damages to your order, a request for a final invoice copy, questions regarding package tracking information or bill of lading, please contact us via email at [admin@camsupply.com] or call in at [1-888-238-0808].

Hours of operation for our Wholesale Department and Volume Sales customer service team?

Monday - Friday: 10:00AM - 4:00PM (PST)

Payment for Wholesale Orders: Only wire transfer or direct deposit available as a form of payment. No credit card payment processing.


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