Prevent Frozen Tattoo Ink

Tips For Shipping Tattoo Inks In Harsh Weather Conditions/Temperatures:

Shipping tattoo ink in areas of extreme temperatures, harsh conditions, and cold/unpredictable snowstorms has always been an issue for all tattoo suppliers. As temperatures begin to plummet, we wanted to make sure we do our part to help the inconveniences coming up. We've got a few tips, tricks, and useful advice you can follow to ensure that your tattoo ink reaches you safely and unfrozen. 

Tip #1: The Weather Channel is Your Best Friend

Before ordering any inks, check your local and regional weather stations or weather apps for any up-and-coming snowstorms, extremely cold weather, and everything in between. It is recommended to monitor the weather and any changes in the weather on the days leading up to your ink order(s), avoiding to place the order during or just before a snowstorm/extreme temperature warnings. 

*Most tattoo ink manufacturers consider winter shipments of ink a serious issue and usually, will not ship out orders during an extreme cold warning.

Tip #2: Order At the Beginning of the Week

It is highly recommended to order before the middle of the week, especially if you are ordering tattoo ink/liquids. Depending on where your tattoo shop or final destination of your package is located in Canada, ground shipping will usually take between 2-7 business days. Placing an order at the beginning of the week (ie. Monday or Tuesday) will help in greatly reducing the risk of your tattoo ink sitting in the cold at a shipping truck/facility over the weekend. 

*Insider Tip: Orders placed over the weekend are fulfilled the following Monday of that weekend. Placing an order over the weekend will increase your chances of receiving it the same week (depending on where you're located) & decrease the likelihood of frozen ink.


Tip #3: Plan Ahead of Time

It is always recommended to plan out your order ahead of time; and if worst comes to worst, it is recommended to stock up especially in the cold winter months. 

Tip #4: Ask for a Hold

If you would like to place an order for inks but aren't in a rush to get them, we can offer to put a hold on it from being shipped out. The hold on your order will reserve all the products you placed, and once conditions get better, we will then proceed with shipping. 

*Insider Tip: CAM Supply also offers the option of partitioning your order, putting a hold on any tattoo inks/liquids while still shipping out the rest of your order.

For more information, questions, and/or concerns, please don't hesitate to call in at: +1 (888) 238-0808

*Customer Notice: All tips and advice are solely recommended to our customers as a helpful way to prevent or avoid frozen ink and shipping ink in harsh conditions/extreme temperatures. CAM Supply Inc. will not be held responsible for any damages and/or frozen inks due to extreme cold weather conditions. 

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