Sunskin - Small-V Evolution (Style B) SHADER

Sunskin - Small-V Evolution (Style B) SHADER

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The Small-V is made by using the sizes of Iron models but with a brass frame. Perfect to push 5 to 9 RL needles range with liner setting or 9 to 15 M/RS needles range with shader setting. This new compact and balanced variant has a smaller size and lighter weight. Handmade coils are assembled in our workshop reeling copper wire (OFC) on bakelite spools. All binding posts are made of copper, and the contact screw is made of 825 silver. Our calibrated springs are made of high-quality carbon steel.


  • Compactness in size and weight
  • Lightweight, balanced design and construction for better control
  • Reliably efficient in every use
  • More precise in output
  • 10% faster than other machines


  • Handled/brass frame
  • Calibrated springs
  • Silver contact screw
  • Copper front & rear binding
  • Shader coils: 12 wrap

New Technical Features:

  • Tubevise closing system
  • Rear binding post
  • Innovative lock
  • Back spring lock plate

Pictures and machine/coils might differ since each machine is hand built and customized during assembly by Sunskin Tat