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Legend Thor Machine Silver

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Legend Rotary THOR Machine and Grip Silver

Faulhaber (made in Germany) 8000/minute

Voltage: 9-15V 
Stroke: 0-4mm Needles
Weight: 4oz
Grip size: 25mm
V8.6 Double Ring

Aviation aluminum anodized body, lightweight and convenient,
after additional handle only weight 127g.   Using German von Haber DC micro motor motor.
Quiet and efficient, output power 1.18W,
maximum 8000 rpm, torque up to 6.86mNm,
and provide up to 81% power efficiency.   With excellent technical characteristics,
Feng Haber motor has a high efficiency factor.
High power density produces a more compact,
lightweight drive solution. Compared with the
general DC motor, Feng Haibo equipment is
different from the rotor. It is not around the
core, but by the self-supporting oblique winding
copper coil composition. So the weight of the
rotor is very light, not only running quiet,
but also has high dynamic characteristics, neither
clogging effect, and no other technology common
hysteresis effect.   Due to the use of Feng Haibo motor,
Raytheon THOR tattoo machine needs high voltage
  • Comes with a DC plug to RCA cable as well as the Original DC Cable